Progress Bar
Version 1.00
written by W3 Schools

This is based upon an example found in the W3 Schools website. I've just modified it slightly with changed colours, a percentage display and rounded corners.

Click here for a demo

Stylesheet for 'Progress Bar':
 color: #0000FF;
 text-align: center;
 width: 800px;
 height: 16px;
 margin: auto;
 border: 2px Solid #007777;
 overflow: hidden;
Javascript for 'Progress Bar':
function move()
 var elem = document.getElementById("ProgressBar");   
 var width = 1;
 var id = setInterval(frame, 30);
 function frame()
  if (width >= 100)
    width++; = width + '%'; 
Click here to download.

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