Browser Size
Version 1.00
written by Gerald Holdsworth

This is a simple demonstration of how to get the width and height of the visible area used by the browser. The two functions, <I>getViewWidth</I> and <I>getViewHeight</I> are used in other projects on this page.

These functions are simply cross-browser compatible functions of Javascript's <I>window.innerWidth</I> and <I>window.innerHeight</I>.

Click here for a demo

Javascript for 'Browser Size':
function getViewWidth()
 if (typeof window.innerWidth!='undefined')
 else if (typeof document.documentElement!='undefined' && typeof document.documentElement.clientWidth!='undefined' && document.documentElement.clientWidth!=0)
 else w=document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].clientWidth;
 return w;
function getViewHeight()
 if (typeof window.innerHeight!='undefined')
 else if (typeof document.documentElement!='undefined' && typeof document.documentElement.clientHeight!='undefined' && document.documentElement.clientHeight!=0)
 else w=document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].clientHeight;
 return w;
function updateDimensions()
 var browserWidth=getViewWidth();
 var browserHeight=getViewHeight();
 var el=document.getElementById('browserSize');
 el.innerHTML=browserWidth+' x '+browserHeight+'px';
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