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Welcome to my page. I am making available, to the public domain, the PHP & Javascript functions that I have written for use in the following websites:
Repton Resource Page
Inverness Hospital Radio
East Sutherland Camera Club

Javascript Routines
Browser Size V1.00
Picture Magnifier V2.03
Rating V1.01
Fader V1.00
Slideshow V1.07
WYSIWYG Editor V1.03
Floating Image V1.01
Floating Image V2.00
Image Drag V1.00
Progress Bar V1.00

Acorn Electron/BBC Micro Routines
ROM Extraction Utility V1.01

Windows Applications
Atlas Creator V1.01
Sprite to Bitmap Convertor V1.00 beta release 2

Delphi Units and Functions
Disc Image V1.09
Delphi Function Library V1.00

Installing RISC OS 6 onto RPCEmu V21-02-2013
Guide to Disc Formats V17-04-2018
RISC OS Sprite Formats V13-07-2017

AMX Programming
IR file for AMX Controllers - Kenwood DMF-3020 V22-05-2019
IR file for AMX Controllers - Toshiba SD4010KB V22-05-2019
IR file for AMX Controllers - Sony BDP-S3700 V18-08-2019
IR file for AMX Controllers - Humax Freetime V14-09-2019

If you would like to email me, put gerald@ in front of the domain name, insead of www..
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